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At the Beer Bread

At the Beer Bread

Beer Bread Recipe from of 09-08-2014 [Updated on 09-08-2014]

Our friend Danielina gave me the idea of ​​making bread with beer, she threw it there as a suggestion in a comment to prepare the next bread and I didn't ask for it to try to make it. This beer bread was a really nice discovery, good, fragrant and with an excellent fragrance, the aroma of the beer can be felt but it is not predominant and will also appeal to those who are not fanatic of my beloved beer. My friends, are you on vacation? When are you going on vacation? I recommend, try new things during this period and tell me everything when I get back so I will then reproduce eh;) I leave you a basin and go to run errands, these days I look like a bouncy ball, but I hold on;)


How to make beer bread

Ingredients for the leavening

Start by preparing a dough
Put the beer, honey and yeast in a bowl and mix
Add the flour and mix everything well
Let it rise indoors for 4 hours

Once it has risen, add the beer, yeast and flour and start kneading

Then add the salt and knead the bread until you get a soft dough

Then divide the dough into 3 parts

Shape into balls and place them in a plumcake mold, then put the beer bread to rise for 3 hours

Brush the surface with a little water and sprinkle with pistachio grains or sesame seeds

Bake the bread in a preheated oven at 180 °, then bake for 30 minutes

Once cooked, let it cool down, then serve your beer bread

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